Thaddeus J Hrabota AIA

After spending over a decade in Boston working on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from residential, historic preservation and restoration projects, to commercial renovation projects.  T.J. and his wife moved down to Charleston SC to enjoy the beauty, history, and culture that Charleston is famous for.  There he started BotaArch to do the architectural design that he loves. 

T.J. attended Ball State University in Indiana where he studied Architecture and Environmental Design, giving him a strong base in designing in a earth conscious and sustainable way.  At that time he was afforded the opportunity work in both large and small firms and even some unique opportunities like working for the Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple in Oak Park Ill, sparking his interest in historic structures.    

BotaArch Design Principals:

QUALITY:  We pursue quality in construction through clear communication of detailed design drawings.  No detail is too small to ignore. 

COLLABORATION:  The first step is to listen and perceive the life and ideas of our clients.  We work one on one with each of our clients, understanding what drives them and help them to achieve their goals.

COMMUNICATION:   In our "hands on" collaborative approach to design we utilize hand drawings, CAD detailing, and 3D modeling to maximize both our clients and our understanding of the design at hand. 

FLEXIBILITY:  Each project brings a new group of questions and possibilities.  We strive to stay flexible and not conforming to one style or language but use our proficiency in architectural language to enhance and develop ideas.  There is never one solution to a problem.  By providing multiple conceptual designs early on, we explore the possibilities that are out there.

CONTEXT:  Each design problem is unique to its location.  Sun orientation, views to adjacent spaces, circulation, and mechanical interaction are but some of the things that influence how a space feels and breathes. Each space is not an island in itself, we explore what is the best way to provide a healthy beautiful interaction between the space and its environment. 

DESIGN VALUE:  We strive to provide architecture that exceeds the client’s expectations and enriches their lives, while attaining these goals in a practical and cost effective manor.